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Jason Daniels

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Hi ! My name is Jason Daniels, born in 1981 and originally from South Wales in the United Kingdom.   

As a proven IT leader, technical expert and evangelist I have over 20 year’s diverse experience in the I.T industry spanning multiple sectors working for large scale multinational companies delivering enterprise Cloud and Toolset transformational programmes of work.

Something I really enjoy is engaging with different types of people from different types of companies all over the world, and in particular public speaking which gives me an opportunity to present to large audiences on topics that I'm passionate about. For more information on past presentations please visit my public speaking blog.

Hobbies … Yes its not all geek !. For the past 3 years I have been practicing Krav Maga which is an Israeli self defence combat system, I also enjoy boating, and did once present own one very bright coloured river boat which was used for fishing and day trips. I have since sold the boat, and at the age of 35 had a mid-life crisis and bought a Porsche Cayman (The best looking Porsche by far! .. and what a drive).


  • ISO38500 Cloud Business Maturity Assessment Delivery
  • Cloud Strategy, Roadmap & Service Design Delivery
  • Amazon Web Services – Business Professional Accreditation
  • Amazon Web Services – Technical Professional Accreditation
  • VMware V-Cloud Hybrid Service (VCHS) Trained
  • Openstack Certified (Rackspace)
  • Openstack Certified (Redhat)
  • Microsoft Azure IaaSPaaS  trained
  • BMC Bladelogic Automation Server Certified
  • BMC Network Automation Certified
  • HP Server Automation (Opsware) Certified
  • BMC Atrium Orchestrator Certified
  • Network & Server Monitoring Experience
  • Docker Container Dev experience (Dockers Great :@)
  • DevOpsCICD
  • ITIL 3 Accredited
  • UK Security Clearances Held: 7 prev clearance levels held, available on request

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